Free eBooks on Side Projects, Startups, Marketing and Writing

Fueler Writing Playbook

A guide to kick-start your Writing journey

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Fueler UI/UX Design Playbook

A guide to kick-start your UI/UX journey

Golden Twitter

Access the Greatest Minds inside Twitter

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50 Ultimate CSS Threads by Pratham

A compilation of 50+ threads on Web Development

100 App Ideas for Android Beginner

A Compilation of 100 Project Ideas for Aspiring Software Engineers

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Side Project Almanac

Collection of 150 Cool Side Projects by Inspiring Creators from All over the World

How to Start a Profitable eCommerce Business in India

Guide to Starting a Profitable Business in India

Profitable Ecommerce
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The Hustle Book

500 Brief insights on startups, reading, passion, principles, mental models and life

Boss vs Leader: Game of Entrepreneurship

How leaders do it differently than the bosses in the game of entrepreneurship

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