10 Copywriting Project Ideas to make your Portfolio Impressive
Riten Debnath

24 Jul, 2022

10 Copywriting Project Ideas to make your Portfolio Impressive

Having copywriting projects on your portfolio is important when you are applying for jobs, internships or even freelancing. Companies and startups look for your proof of work when you apply for certain roles.

Proof of Work ensures that you are someone who can be trusted with your skills and knowledge. This helps you apply for online copywriting jobs from home as most of such opportunities are remote and pays a decent compensation.

In order to make it easy for your, I have come up with 10 project ideas for copywriters to make your copywriting portfolio impressive.

What are copywriting projects?

The projects related to copywriting where you exhibit your skills through well-written copy that are used for websites, social media, email, sales letters, advertisements, and lot more. Copywriting projects essentially fall into three different categories and are divided into:

  • planning (strategic planning projects),
  • selling (sales pieces), and
  • re-selling (content).

To know more in detail about the all the three different types of copywriting projects, you can refer to this article here

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Let's come back to the main purpose of the articles. Here on this article, as I said above, I'm going to share 10 copywriting projects for beginners to make your portfolio impressive.

1. Pick a website and rewrite its meta title and description. You can use (www.metatags.io) to find the meta details of any website. It's one of my favorite tool while doing meta descriptions for our web pages. This tool is so easy and so incredible at what it does.

2. Find a local grocery store near you and write 5 poster copies. The hack is to practice a lot and get better at your game. You can start with as simple as with the grocery store near you. You can write copy to promote their story. You can infact collaborate with designers to turn you copies into beautifully looking posters

3. Write a case study on 10 Indian Brands to follow for Ads Copy inspiration. You can find ads inspirations of all kind from here (www.advertgallery.com) This website has been a goldmine for me

4. Write a magazine ad for a sweet shop near you. How about finding the the sweet shops nearby your home and try to create copy for their magazine ad. You can in fact collab with designers to visualize your copy into something realistic.

5. Write an ad for Amazon promoting prime day. Can you come up with something catchy for Amazon Prime day. You know where to look for the ad inspiration.

6. Pick a product from ProductHunt and rewrite the product description. PH is great source of inspiration when it comes to products such as tool, resources. You can then reach out the founders and ask them if you can help them with something. It's a great proof of work to have on your copywriting portfolio

7. Write a headline for 5 beer brands without using any verbs. Can you try this out? (You can use Pinterest for inspiration). Pinterest has mammoth collections of beer creative advertisements you can take inspiration from. You can start here

8. Rewrite the listing copy for your favorite apps on AppStore or Playstore. Did you know? Around 3.4 million apps are available for download in Google Play while nearly 2.09 million apps are available on the Apple App Store. Pick anyone from your niche and work on the copy

9. Search "SEO Keyword research" in Google and rewrite an ad. Do you come across PPC ads during google search, you can pick for 5 brands and rewrite their copy.

10. Write an ad for a selfie stick made just for dads. BONUS: Come up with your own version of the brand name with a catchy slogan.

How do you get ideas for copywriting?

I'm sure a lot of you have this writer's block when you are out of ideas also, you feel blank with what to do next. I have been there and it's definitely not a great feeling to have. Hence we folks at Fueler have come up with 100+ Copywriting Project Ideas to help you make a strong and convincing copywriting portfolio


You can access these ideas for free from here. Having projects on a copywriter portfolio helps them build an impression when they are applying for different roles.

The reason I'm telling you this because, there is competition from folks who are good at copywriting and have worked with reputed brands already. You always have to stand out from the competition to close the deal. You have to give them a reason as to why you are the best fit for an organization.

Hence having proof of work nearest to their requirement would highly impress them and you can expect to hear back from them

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In conclusion, my only concern here would be if you are making sufficient effort to showcase your skills in the form of proof of work. In recent times we have come across copywriting jobs for beginners where the organization is expecting to at least see some of the work done by the candidates. It's always good to have proof of work on your portfolio and that's why we came up with this article of 10 project ideas you can use as an aspiring copywriter.

So, which idea did you like the most? Let me know, I'd love to know. Also for any help you need, just know that Team Fueler is here to help you 🤜🤛

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