How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio in 2023?

27 Apr, 2022

How to Create a Copywriting Portfolio in 2023?

Learning a skill is a great start to your career, but you can’t stop over there after that actual journey begins. To make use of that skill you need to attract people. And here portfolio comes into the picture.

Instead of showing a resume or cv, showing a portfolio is the best way to impress clients or recruiters.

The portfolio is a compilation of material that shows examples of your work with proper proofs.

  • Why do you need a Copywriting Portfolio?

If you are looking for a Copywriting job or freelance basis clients it’s better you have a portfolio so the opposite person gets the idea that what you know.

If you showcase your work half work is done.

  • What work to show in the Copywriting Portfolio?

You might have a question about what to show as a copywriter in a portfolio.

A copywriting portfolio can include posts from the copy you made for some brand or social media account, landing page copy, email copy, ads copy, and marketing creative copy.

If you don’t have any copywriting work experience, you can still start making a portfolio. Focus first on personal projects and social media profiles, which can be a way to showcase your copywriting skills.

You can do one thing like choose a particular brand and start making sample copies for it, you can include those in your portfolio.

Now arises one more question,

  • How to create the portfolio?

To start making a portfolio, you will need to know first about a portfolio website that helps you to organize and showcase your work.

Here Fueler comes into the picture which helps you to build your work profile for free.

Once you start adding your work at Fueler you just need to share your profile link with recruiters or clients and your half work is done.

And here you go with an offer letter in your mail.. ;)

Fueler is a platform that helps individuals in showcasing their proof of work. It's like GitHub but for all the professions.

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