Top 5 Cohorts and Courses to Learn Copywriting
Team Fueler

16 Jan, 2024

Top 5 Cohorts and Courses to Learn Copywriting

Learning how to craft compelling copy that converts readers into buyers is not an easy job.

Here is where Copywriting comes in, copywriting is one of the most valuable skills in modern marketing

Skilled copywriters are able to:

  • Craft compelling messaging that resonates with target audiences
  • Leverage psychology and emotional triggers to motivate desired actions
  • Strategically structure copy to guide readers through a journey
  • Adapt tone for different mediums and contexts

Hey Everyone, I am Prantik, a founding team member at Fueler. Today, I'm going to share about the top 5 cohorts to learn content writing. 

By the end, you will know exactly which course or cohort actually fits your learning style and career ambitions. You can take any one of these from the mentioned to get your skills to the top 1%.

So if you’re ready to get paid for your talent with words, build authority as an pro level copywriter, and have brands and businesses interested to work with you...then this blog post is for you

Let’s dive into the top cohorts that can accelerate your copywriting skills: 

Copyblogger Academy

Copyblogger Academy

CopyBlogger Academy

If you are looking to improve your copywriting abilities in order to drive more traffic, leads, and sales - while building a sustainable income from home , Copyblogger Academy aims to give you all the training you will need.

CopyBlogger Academy has been co-founded by multi-millionaire online entrepreneurs Tim Stoddart and Charles Miller & copyblogger provides over 40 hours of video tutorials, 9 comprehensive courses, and weekly coaching calls with industry experts to teach you to turn your writing into profits!!

You'll learn SEO copywriting to tap into unlimited organic traffic, email and social media marketing to build a highly engaged audience that buys from you repeatedly, persuasive direct-response sales copy skills, and how to leverage partnerships and affiliates to scale growth. The Alumni has reported 2-4x bigger email lists, 3x more site traffic, and over $5k extra monthly income just 12 months after joining.

With a 7-day refund guarantee, expert coaching access, and a proven framework used by thousands to find financial independence just by leveraging written content, Copyblogger Academy is the really great place to become a confident and skilled copywriter in today's online business world where every now and then you need to be persuasive enough to stand out.

They also provide some free courses you might wanna be interested in taking :)

Copywriting that sells by TTT

Copywriting that sells by TTT

Terribly Tiny Tales - Copywriting That Sells

If you aspire to create compelling advertisements and enter the world of creative advertising, the Copywriting That Sells course aims to provide all the knowledge and hands-on training needed to set your career in motion.

Created and taught by Jay Morzaria, an award-winning creative director and copywriting professor with over a decade of experience promoting major brands like Fevicol, Netflix, Colgate, Jio etc. This is a 5-week intensive course that gives you a competitive edge to differentiate yourself from others :)

You will dissect famous ad campaigns, leverage consumer psychology and AI assistants to strengthen ideation tactics, gain expertise on branding and design, and complete five portfolio-worthy advertising projects under Jay's mentorship.

TTT Academy has placed students in top Indian agencies and startups like Dunzo, Kuku FM, GrowthSchool.. plus offers a money-back guarantee if dissatisfied with the quality after the first class.

Kopywriting Course

Kopywriting Course

Kopywriting Course

One of the key advantages of this course is the opportunity to receive professional feedback and mentorship from experienced copywriters inside the community. This continuous support allows you to refine your writing skills and ensures that you're constantly improving. 

Additionally, the course offers live weekly office hours where you can get your copy rewritten and have your questions answered. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer hands-on guidance and immediate feedback 

By joining this course, you will get instant access to a variety of resources aimed to improve your copywriting skills and helping you stand out in the digital world

The course offers two subscription options - a monthly plan priced at $97 per month, and a yearly plan priced at $750 for the first 12 months with a renewal fee of $365 per year. Both plans provide instant access to all courses, allow you to review your copy in a forum, and offer live weekly office hours.

Ultimate Copywriting Mastery by Young Urban Project

Ultimate Copywriting Mastery by Young Urban Project

Ultimate Copywriting Mastery Course -Young Urban Project

If you want to turn your words into profits by mastering the art of persuasive copywriting, the Advanced Copywriting course by marketing expert Puneet Tandon aims to equip you with all the practical frameworks, templates, and training needed to maximize conversions and revenue.

Packed into 12+ hours of on-demand video lessons, this comprehensive blueprint breaks down copywriting psychology, structures, and strategies into simple step-by-step modules with real-world applications.

You will receive plug-and-play copywriting templates to immediately implement on ads and landing pages, analyze what makes winning headlines and subject lines unignorable, study emotional triggers and buyer psychology to incorporate into your messaging, and get personalized feedback as you complete practical copywriting assignments.

The entire curriculum focuses on taking proven copywriting principles and transforming them into skill-building exercises with a community of support. If you’re committed to quickly developing your copywriting abilities and earning power regardless of prior writing experience, this course has evidence in over 10,000 career success stories.




The Copyhacker Career Changer course, called CopySchool, is designed to take ambitious copywriters from beginner to expert level.

It is marketed as a "copywriting career in a box" that contains 26 different copywriting courses covering everything from writing headlines and emails to planning entire marketing funnels; they have it all!

The training is comprehensive and yet broken down into actionable modules, with 100s of step-by-step tutorials, templates to speed up your workflow, and completion badges you can display on LinkedIn for showcasing your credibility.

Created by expert conversion copywriters like Joanna Wiebe, the course teaches a proven, methodical process for writing high-converting copy.

Reviews suggest it can pay for itself quickly by boosting copywriting rates and client results. So if you are looking to level up your copywriting skills, CopySchool aims to shortcut the trial-and-error approach and give you the techniques used by top professionals to save you from rookie mistakes.

With a money-back guarantee, it could be a smart investment for quickly establishing yourself as an indispensable marketing asset.

That's it! Remember, success in the industry is all about continuous learning and hard work in creating more Proof Of Work/ Projects which will support your story of being a world class Copywriter. 

By the way as we are discussing about Proof of work, let me introduce you to is a free portfolio showcasing tool where you can host your proof of work if you are a Copywriter. You can take a look at all the top profiles who are using Fueler to their fullest as a Copywriter :)

These boot camps can give you a great head start, but it's ultimately up to you to put in the effort and achieve your goals and showcase your expertise.

Good luck on your copywriting journey!

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