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Frequently Asked Questions

Fueler is a social platform for generalists. We help generalists capitalize their proof of work.

Proof of work is changing the way we build our personal brand, collaborate with others, or land opportunities in our careers and life. Fueler makes it super easy.

Capitalize your proof of work. Join fueler for free.

You can be a programmer, designer, content writer, and marketer. But, how do you prove it?

Fueler helps you document all your work on a single platform. You can showcase your skills through your work over buzzwords

Fueler is a home for inspiring generalist individuals. We love generalists, they are building the future.

Resume is like an equation, we cannot replace it. Our goal at Fueler is to encourage individuals to go extra miles to showcase what they have worked on as a proof of work.

It shows your skin in the game and the world rewards you for that. Instead of replacing something, we can go hand in hand.

Resume + Fueler = 🏆

It's your own published work. When you learn something new and create a project or a product, it is your proof of work

Proof of work helps you build an edge in the crowd. It proves you are highly skilled and an experienced learner. Someone who can be trusted for opportunities.

We don't want to replace your website. We go hand in hand.

Having your work on fueler is like having a community around your work and collaborations. Community gives you leverage and as we all know community is the biggest leverage of 21st century

Fueler gives you a community of passionate individuals who might want to collaborate with you, provide you with opportunities like internships, jobs, freelancing, and brand collabs.

Community is where the next big things are happening. Be a part of our Fueler Community. 🤝

Suppose you have to collaborate between X or Y

X claims to be skilled but has no proof to back his claim. Whereas Y has proof of work. Whom you are likely to collaborate with?

Fueler helps you document your proof of work that gives you an edge. Proof of work >>> Buzzwords

Currently, we are in private beta. You can request an invite on website and DM us on Twitter for priority onboarding

Fueler helps you build social capital with the help of proof of work. Social capital helps you make financial capital.

In our context, social capital is the network of relationships and partnerships formed on the basis of your proof of work.

Proof of work is changing the way we interact, build our professional connections.

As per Wikipedia: A generalist is a person with a wide array of knowledge on a variety of subjects.

A generalist can be Freelancers, Contractors, Consultants, Creators, Marketers, Designers, Programmers, Content Writer

We believe, in a fast-changing world, transferable skills are becoming increasingly important and Generalists tend to possess more transferable skills. A generalist can visualize the big picture and think out-of-the-box to help you bring insights from variety of subjects.

"Jack of all trades, master of ONE" can be a useful framework when you are a generalist. As per Shane Parish (Farnam Street), they are known as Generalized Specialist

No, it's free forever

Click here, You are welcome to join our little village of Discord :D