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  • Marketing MasterClass with Masters' Union [Community Session]

    Hosted a masterclass with Masters' Union. We covered the following: 1. Introduction and importance of PoW for marketers...

    11 Oct 2023

  • Fueler Ultimate Freelancer Kit [Notion]

    ⭐️ Get it for free by joining Fueler Membership ⭐️ Introducing the ultimate freelancer's toolkit, designed to revolut...

    19 May 2023

  • Art of Building Community [Community Session]

    Objective: To host an event on Community Building. Thought Process: It was a session on sharing my experience in buildi...

    02 Mar 2023

  • Smile Campaign Advertisement | Fueler

    Objective: The Aim of this campaign was to celebrate the of essence of creating proof of work. Proof of Work gives you...

    10 Jan 2023

  • Introducing Fueler Wrapped 2022

    Inspired by [Spotify Wrapped](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotify_Wrapped), this year we launched our Fueler Wrapped 2...

    25 Dec 2022

  • Apple Ads | Permissionless Project

    Redesigned Apple Ads collaborating with [Sonam.](https://twitter.com/heycopygirl) You can access the file from the abov...

    09 Jun 2022

  • 🎙 Breaking into Startups with Proof of Work - MarkitUp Community

    Breaking into Startups with Proof of Work A session on how to land opportunities in startups using proof of work. The t...

    14 May 2022

  • Marketing Strategies for Getlift

    Marketing Strategies for a B2B Marketing Agency that serves large B2B enterprise clients. Here are 11 innovative marketi...

    22 Apr 2022

  • Hello YouTube!

    I have started my YouTube channel to share about our building in public journey. You can expect short videos on why/what...

    15 Jan 2022

  • Social Media Creatives 2021 | Talli App | Memefolio

    This project is a part of an assignment by the Talli Marketing Team. Loved working on their sample portfolio work. The...

    31 Oct 2021

  • SwipeSpace: Free Swipe Files from Internet Creators

    Swipe Files are an asset for creators. It helps us draw inspiration and useful insights. We have created a dedicated spa...

    18 Oct 2021

  • Winner of Gaur and Chopra Escape Velocity Grant

    Won the Gaur and Chopra Escape Velocity Grant by [Paras Chopra](https://twitter.com/paraschopra) and [Aakanksha Gaur](ht...

    Gaur and Chopra Escape Velocity Grant,  20 Sep 2021

  • 💵 SharetheVibe - Earn by spreading the words

    Lately, I have come across several opportunities that incentivize you for a successful referral. I have compiled them in...

    10 Aug 2021

  • Memeterest - Pinterest for Meme Templates

    Discover all your favorite meme templates in one place. Memeterest is the Largest Collection of free meme templates. Cre...

    01 Aug 2021

  • 📒 Weekend Reads

    The idea behind starting Weekend Read is very simple. I started Weekend Reads with a simple idea to introduce some of th...

    29 May 2021

  • Meme Creative | Rubberfy | Memefolio

    This project was a part of #PermissionProject that I have worked for Rubberfy. Rubberfy is a trusted online brand from I...

    21 May 2021

  • KiwisMedia is now Fueler.io

    We have rebranded KiwisMedia to Fueler. Fueler is a free online platform to help individuals publish their projects on...

    15 May 2021

  • Zoostash - Product Design Concepts

    An Instagram page of collections of Innovative Product Design concepts all around the globe by different product designe...

    15 Mar 2021

  • 100+ Apple Computers Banners & Ad Creatives

    Collected 100+ Apple Computers Banners & Ad Creatives for marketing & copywriting case study.

    01 Mar 2021

  • KiwisMedia Byte 🗂

    Learn from thousands of bytes on coding, design, and management for free. Bite-sized learning insights for the new age f...

    18 Jun 2020

  • SEO: The Ultimate Guide For SEO Beginners


    Explore everything from the Beginner's Guides to SEO to the Google Algorithm, on building better traffic. Home to learn...

    www  06 Jun 2020

  • Project Kishmish - upliftment through design and tech

    A voluntary initiative by KiwisMedia to uplift small businesses and startups through design and tech. Along with an upsk...

    25 Apr 2020

  • Sales Letter Collections

    Crazy sales letters archive to help you level up your persuasion game. Includes Ebooks and Articles from legendary Copyw...

    10 Apr 2020

  • #DailyBlink: Learnings from Indian Startup Ecosystem

    Documenting my learnings in the form of drafts from the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Compiling different Principles, Growth...

    08 Feb 2020

  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work

    BerkeleyX, edX

    This course delves into the social and emotional skills that sustain positive relationships at work. It highlights the f...

    edX  31 Jan 2020

  • Mentor for Bengalathon Finale 2019

    Mentor for Bengalathon Finale 2019. Bengalathon is a National Level Hackathon Organized by Govt of West Bengal. “Bengala...

    Bengalathon, Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of West Bengal.,  17 Nov 2019

  • Guest Speaker on Entrepreneurship Talk 🚀

    Invited Guest Speaker on Entrepreneurship Talk "How to build you Startup" at JIS College of Engineering.

    JIS College of Engineering,  18 Sep 2019

  • Invited guest speaker at JIS College of Engineering

    Invited Guest Speaker for a One Day Workshop on Recent Trend in IT Industry in the occasion of Engineer's Day held at JI...

    CSI Kalyani, JIS College of Engineering,  14 Sep 2019

  • The Complete Pocket Guide to Human Behaviour


    A simple guide to learning human behavior for beginners and intermediates. Valuable human behavior research insights to...

    www  01 Apr 2019

  • Founder - KiwisMedia

    KiwisMedia is a creative lab of internet products that are solving problems through innovation, technology and design

    06 Mar 2019

  • Strategic Brand Management

    CurtinX, edX

    Learned the various concepts of advertising and marketing to branding. We will examine topics and various strategies rel...

    edX  14 Aug 2018

  • UX Design: From Concept to Wireframe 📝

    MichiganX, edX

    The course involves the various methods and skills involved in designing interactive systems. The course covers the desi...

    edX  25 Apr 2018

  • Head Panel Coordinator for Smart India Hackathon 2018

    Smart India Hackathon, GOI

    Head Panel Coordinator for Smart India Hackathon 2018 Edition held at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Agarpara, West...

    01 Apr 2018 - 04 Apr 2018

  • Poster Competition Winner, IITKGP

    Our theme was based on the various aspects and real scenarios of agricultural and farming in India. We will try to exhib...

    Prakriti, IIT KGP,  16 Mar 2018

  • Finalist at Prakriti 2018, IIT Kharagpur

    Finalist for three competitions in an annual flagship event "Prakriti" held at IIT, Kharagpur. Prakriti – an initiative...

    Prakriti, IIT KGP,  16 Mar 2018

  • Smart India Hackathon 2017 Finalist

    Built an Unified system for a user to store documents using UID number. It's a real pleasure to participate in the world...

    Smart India Hackathon, GOI,  01 Apr 2017

  • Co-founded MyClgNotes 🔥

    Co-founded MyClgNotes, a content aggregator platform for students and teachers. It wouldn't have been possible without o...

    20 Oct 2016

  • Event Coordinator for I3SET

    Industry Interactive Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology (I3SET)

    Volunteering Experience at Industry Interactive Innovations in Science, Engineering, and Technology (I3SET) held at JIS...

    10 Oct 2016 - 12 Oct 2016

  • Varsity – Markets, Trading, and Investing Simplified

    Zerodha Varsity

    Everything you need to learn about Investing in the Stock Market. Zerodha’s Varsity is the perfect place for someone who...

    www  10 Aug 2015

  • Selected for Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)

    Selected for Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) under the aegis of the National Defence Fund. Only 2000 Scholars...

    Ministry of Defence, Government of India,  15 Jun 2015

  • Entrepreneurship 101


    Valuetainment has been a great source of learning entrepreneurship. It's an entrepreneur channel created by Serial Entre...

    Youtube  12 Jun 2015

  • Went to Assam Rifles Public School


    ARPS, Agartala is among one of the pioneers and prestigious Army Schools in North Eastern Region of India.

    Agartala  02 Apr 2014

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