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  • Tweets for Pinterest by Chelsi Mehta

    Fueler Writing Challenge: Write 10 tweets for Pinterest. Research: Did a brief dissection of Pinterest on Twitter and c...

    25 Jan 2024

  • Newsletter Sample by Chelsi Mehta

    Objective: To write a newsletter for [this](https://www.crazytokmedia.com/show/yana-tv/) podcast. More about the podcas...

    12 Dec 2023

  • Meeting Pre-Read Template by Chelsi Mehta

    Objective: To create a template for meeting pre-reads to optimize meetings. Tools used: AI, Notion Launched on: Gumroa...

    09 Dec 2023

  • Spec print ad for 'Kopi Luwak' by Chelsi Mehta

    A D put a challenge out. Here's my entry: Idk how print ads should look like but I tried. #specad

    30 Nov 2023

  • Top Copywriting Voice badge on LinkedIn

    Received the 'Top Copywriting Voice' badge on LinkedIn. Here's what I did: 1. Added my insights to collaborative artic...

    LinkedIn,  19 Nov 2023

  • Guide to Freelance Content Writing by Chelsi Mehta [Community Session]

    Objective: I was invited by Fueler Community to host a session on Freelance Writing for Beginners Thought Process: I wa...

    05 Sep 2023

  • Zomato Push Notifications: Copywriting Challenge

    Objective: In this permissionless project, we aim to present our design and copywriting skills by presenting push notifi...

    25 Aug 2023

  • Tweets for Myntra by Chelsi Mehta

    Fueler Copywriting Challenge: Write 10 interesting one-liner tweets for Myntra. Research: Did a brief dissection of Myn...

    12 Jul 2023

  • Marketing Campaigns: Real or Reel?!

    Objective: Write about marketing campaigns and specifically Maybelline's disruptive approach. Research: - Figured out...

    11 Jul 2023

  • Copywriting Challenge #1 by mad.adwoman aka Pranita Bajoria: Twitter

    Copywriting Challenge: To create an ad for Twitter with the AI-generated image provided. Tools used: Canva, [Tweet Gene...

    09 Jul 2023

  • What if Hamleys opened an adult toy store? Spec Ad.

    Brief shared by [The Briefcase Club](https://www.linkedin.com/posts/the-briefcase-club_nayabrief-thebriefcaseclub-creati...

    04 Jul 2023

  • What if KitKat was a condom brand? Spec Ad.

    Objective: To create a fun spec ad with KitKat. Tools used: Canva Target Keywords: Copywriting, Spec Ads Challenges a...

    23 Jun 2023

  • Creative Associate, Head of Storytelling and Content

  • How to overcome Analysis Paralysis as an entrepreneur?!

    Objective: To write a blog on Analysis Paralysis. Company: eAuditor Office Work: Freelance Checkout the blog by click...

    06 Oct 2022

  • 5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read!

    “Books make for great friends because the best thinkers of the last few thousand years tell you their nuggets of wisdom....

    06 Oct 2022

  • Build a hassle-free app with the no-code tool: AppMaster.io

    Want to build an app but are stuck at coding? Try the no-code tool AppMaster.io.

    27 Aug 2022

  • Life Upgrades and The 5 AM Club

    Talking about a few upgrades in life, one can not rule out reading. And finding a good book, or a good article among tho...

    06 Aug 2022

  • Caffeine and the Brain: How coffee actually affects you?

    Caffeine is magic. One cup of coffee down and, all the dopamine and serotonin kick in. Despite global consumption, a few...

    05 Aug 2022

  • Starbucks Coffee Business: Beyond Coffee

    Objective: To write a blog on Starbucks Business Mode. Insights: What made Starbucks a multi-billion-dollar company? An...

    04 Aug 2022

  • Zomato vs Swiggy: Business Model

    Swiggy and Zomato are two of the largest on-demand food delivery businesses with competing revenue yet their business mo...

    31 Jul 2022

  • A Book-Selling Marketplace To A Global E-Commerce Giant: Amazon Business Model

    Since the beginning, Amazon's business model is unique in the world of retail. Instead of relying on brick-and-mortar st...

    21 Jul 2022

  • Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on the Indian economy

    This blog focuses on how the Russia-Ukraine invasion affected the Indian economy.

    21 Jul 2022

  • How Bad Money Drives Out Good: Gresham’s Law Explained - eAuditor Office

    I wrote a blog on "Gresham's Law" which is related to economics for a taxation startup company. The blog covers general...

    21 Jul 2022

  • 5 Indian Unicorn Startups That Expanded Globally!

    Objective: To write a blog on 5 Indian Unicorn Startups That Expanded Globally. Company: eAuditor Office Work: Freelan...

    19 Jul 2022

  • A Complete Guide to Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model

    I wrote a descriptive guide about Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model and how JungleWorks offers a complete stack to tack...

    02 Jun 2022

  • Carousel Design for Masters' Union by Chelsi Mehta

    Objective: To create carousels for Masters' Union as a part of their #StoriesFromMU series. Masters' Union is a practiti...

    31 Mar 2022

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