How I grew my YouTube Subscribers from 0-600+

I will lay out 10 points as this most of it is about being consistent : 

  1. Having interviews with other subject matter experts helped me gain more traffic and subscribers
  2. Most of the hard work went into promotions than creation which led more people to explore the videos by YouTube Search
  3. YouTube Tags, Keyword research and title helped me rank on YouTube for competitive keywords and gain more views
  4. Giveaways for people subscribing (A small growth hack for increasing numbers)
  5. Small 3-4 minute videos from long interviews made them easily consumable, hence good retention leading to YouTube recommending more of my content
  6. Organising playlists to increase watch hours
  7. Will be honest : I also hired a famous Indian YouTube consultant to help me get more subs, eventually helping in getting my keywords right with thumbnails (I never hesitate to take help)
  8. Facebook Groups : One of my biggest playground. This became my biggest social media traffic source as our LIVE Interviews were conducted here
  9. Shoutout from my friends (OTHER PEOPLE’S NETWORK) helped me get attention from different audience groups and sources
  10. My Email list contributed to my views + subs as well.

    overall, a game which I will begin again and hence aiming to take it to 1000+ Subscribers very soon.

02 Jul 2022

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video marketing
youtube SEO

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