Notion Agency Workspace for Visualistically Inc

I worked with the Visualistically team, and closely with the founder, Eric Mejia, to build a personally curated Agency Workspace for the team members to manage anything and everything related to the agency.

1. Managing Team Members and their progress on the assigned tasks and projects, finances and payments, time-tracking and more.

2. Project Management: efficient tracking of Tasks and Projects and easy scheduling.

3. Client Management: advanced analytics and progression graphs for each client.

4. Finance: income, expenses, budget tracking with categorization, and advanced analytics.

5. Invoice Center: tracking and having an archive of all the invoices sent to the clients.

6. Business Planning: an efficient way of business planning, comprises of SWOT analysis, GANTT charts, Lean Canvas, Business Goals and Ideas tracking etc.

7. Social Media Management: content creation and easy scheduling across multiple social media profiles, directly from Notion.

8. Documentation Hub: a hub for all the important documents, organized with tags and categories.

9. Monthly and Yearly Overview: showing a summarized form of everything from tasks, projects to finances for each month.

10. Dashboard: a feature-rich dashboard page to have a complete overview of everything going on with the agency on a single page.


This is what Eric Mejia (founder of Visualistically) has to say about me and my work:

"Soumya went above and beyond his duties to deliver us an amazing Notion Project Management System. He has great attention to detail and we were really happy with the final product. Will gladly hire him again!"

22 Jul 2023

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Company Workspace
Agency Workspace

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